Powder House Hill Trails Event Use Policies & Permit

We ask organized events to apply for a permit.

Powder House Hill Trails Event Use Policies:

Powder House Hill Trails’ ultimate goal is to maintain a space that is welcoming to all users. We are excited to host events, but we have some guidelines to ensure that our natural resources are preserved for the perpetual use of the community.

If you are teaching a class, leading a hike or planning any gathering on the Powder House Hill Trails, thanks in advance for filling out a use permit. Your paperwork (in addition to protecting the woods) gives us the documentation we need to apply for grants to improve the trails. Your help is deeply appreciated.

Races: We suggest following the best practices for Race Directors as outlined by the American Trail Running Association

Course Markings

  • Up for no longer than 24hrs total
  • We recommend the use of flagging tape, wired nylon flags, signs on posts, course marshals to mark your course
  • No spray paint, nothing nailed or stapled to trees
  • We discourage the use of support vehicles in the woods. Please, plan a route that will minimize the need for aid stations away from our trailheads.

All Community Events: The woods are for everyone! To help us preserve their natural beauty, we cannot allow an event to have an environmental impact. This includes, but is not limited to, a prohibition on trimming/cutting trees and plants, moving rocks, rerouting trails or drainage.

  • All events need to post notice signs at trailheads a week prior so that other patrons may plan their use of our trails.
  • Leave no trace! We need you to clean up by the end date of your event. Any belongings or materials left in Powder House Hill Trails will revert to our ownership and potentially discarded; your financial assistance may be required.
  • We reserve the right to limit events to certain areas. Please consider the impact of your event on the woods, its inhabitants and other visitors as you plan the scope of your event.
  • You will need to have proper insurance in order to host your event. Please be ready to provide proof of this when you ask for your permit.

You may send your completed form through email or USPS.