Adventures in the Woods

Join us to explore and learn more about our trail network.

Summer 2023 Events

Hosted by Bonney Woods Corporation Board Members
All events are free to the public but your donations are deeply appreciated.
Introduction to Flint Woods
Saturday, September 23 @ 9:00 AM
Learn about Flint Woods and join us for a leisurely walk following the blazed trails.
w/ Sandy R.
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Fitness Walk
Thursday, September 28th at 4:15 PM
Learn how to use different aspects throughout the woods (benches, hills, rocks, etc.) to get in a full body workout. 
W/Alison T.
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Women's Trail Running
Friday, September 29 7:30am
Want to try trail running but don't know where to start? These group runs will be friendly and nobody will be left behind. Come learn a couple of routes that do not repeat sections of trail. Learn about gear, techniques and safety in the company of other women! Trail running offers new challenges to our concentration, coordination and balance--let's help each other, especially our new trail runners, by leaving dogs at home.
w/ Emily B.
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Dog Walk
Saturday, September 30 @ 10:00 AM
Join a group dog walk!
w/ Dori B.
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Poetry in Nature
October 7th, Saturday @ 9:00 AM
Bring your favorite nature poem! Nature and poetry will inspire while walking the trails w/MC Fg. We will read and write nature poems influenced by poets like James Wright, A.R. Ammons, and Louise Glück.
w/ Frank G. 
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Explore the Woods
October 14th, Saturday @ 9:00 AM
Along the trails one can find the remnants of an old granite cart and the large iron base from a now non-existing standing water reservoir. These are just two examples of how human hands have shaped elements of this beautiful, natural landscape. Come explore the trails leading towards and around Box Shop Hill! 
w/Cherie G.
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